Variety is Key for healthy living – Eat the Rainbow


Healthy eating habit is all about balanced diet. It’s perfectly fine to have pie for dinner or a slice of cake at teatime. Treats are part of life! But at the same time it’s important to recognize what eating habits we possess. Indulgent food can be enjoyed and savored only occasionally. However, it is important to remember that majority of our diet should be made up of balance, nutritious food! Make healthy food a priority of life. Healthy balanced diet and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Complete your entire diet with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, pulses, nuts, seeds, whole grains and naturally low fat dairy foods. However, when it comes for taking fruits and veg, different colours provide your body with the different nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. It’s not just greens that are good for you!

Fruit and vegetables fall into five different colour categories like red, orange, yellow, green, purple/blue, and white/brown. Each colour out of this rainbow diet plan carries its own set of unique disease fighting chemicals called phytochemicals. Color of the fruit and veggies speaks it all!

Red: Very heart healthy that gives strength and support to joints!
A natural plant pigment called lycopene forms red colored fruits and vegetables. Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant helps to reduce the risk of cancer and keep our heart healthy.

Orange: Highest source of Vitamin C. Orange group helps keep to keep your eyes healthy!
Carotenoids in product give this group their vibrant colour. The vitamin in it helps to maintain healthy mucous membranes and healthy eyes.

Yellow: This group is best for skin and aids digestive system!
Vitamin provided by products under this section helps to glow your skin. It also helps to maintain best digestive system.

Green: Helps our entire body and strengthens immune systems as whole!
Green vegetables contain a wide range of phytochemicals including carotenoids, indoles and saponins. These all component have anti-cancer properties. Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli possess excellent sources of folate.

Purple/Blue: Excellent food for brains! Help with our memory and also keep types of cancers away!
The plant pigment anthocyanin is what gives blue/purple color to fruits and vegetables their distinctive colour. Anthocyanin component also has antioxidant properties that protect cells from damage and reduces risk of cancer in body.

Brown/White: Garlics are excellent source of vitamin B6! Keeps healthy immune system and aids new cell growth!
White fruits and vegetables contain a range of health-promoting phytochemicals such as allicin that is found in garlic. The component is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Members of the white group like bananas and potatoes are also a good source of potassium.

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